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   Today was slightly better than the previous days, which is understandable because time heals all injuries, right? Or, something like that, whatever. The tip to moving on easier is to always stay busy, even if there isn't anything to do, find something!! I learned that it's impossible to heal from a heartbreak if you sit around all day doing nothing except for thinking about the jerk that hurt you.
   Why give him all of the attention when he's most likely off having a wonderful life not even taking the time out of his busy schedule to even wonder if you're still alive or not?? Of course there will be moments where a fond memory will be brought up and you'll think about him and when this happens to me I simply think of a completely different and random topic such as, I wonder what I'm going to have for dinner? Or, The house really needs to be cleaned today. Anything to stop thinking about him because if you do it you'll be sucked into the motions.
   The motions? These are the motions...
   Hmmm, I remember when he did that...
   I wish I knew what he was doing...
   I hope he's doing okay...
   I wonder if he's thinking about me...
   Maybe he'll talk to me now...
   What if he wants to hang out...
   I should text him...
   I'm going to text him...
   No response...
   Yeah, those are the motions of what usually happens when you start thinking about him, well, it is for me anyways. I'm too poud though and I don't want him to see me and think that I'm wallowing in my own saddness wishing I had him back while he moves on. No, I want to be the one to move on first and watch him start to miss me more and more everyday. I want him to come to me and apologize and beg me back.
   I want him to feel exactly how he made me feel, but I wouldn't wish this pain on anyone, especially someone that I love. Even if they are undeserving of that love...

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Posted on 12:59AM on Feb 5th, 2013
:( Hope you're doing Ok.
I agree that keeping yourself busy helps a lot.
Posted on 03:28AM on Feb 5th, 2013
I'm doing better everyday :) Thank you or asking! I think keeping myself busy is just the most important thing right now.
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