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  Moving on from you and not looking back at all. I didn't need you before and I definately do not need you now after all of this shit you put me through!! You don't deserve a great girl like me and you'll NEVER be with anyone else like me that would always be there for you no matter what and accept you just the way you are!
   Your little plan to break up with me for your ex THAT DOESN'T EVEN WANT YOU is going to crash and burn and I can't wait for the day that you come crawling back to me so that I can laugh in your face!! You're a pathetic excuse of a man and I have NO idea at all why I ever wasted my time on you when I could've been with someone better, someone that would've actually cared about me instead of lying to me, using me, and breaking my heart!!
   I'm counting down the days for karma to bite you in the butt :)

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